Our story
Angle's story begins in the fall of 2019 in Bangkok. Matu needed to deliver detailed recommendations on a topic he had no clue about - within days. After hours of googling, he knew what most terms stood for, but was otherwise hopelessly lost. 😵
A couple of days later, he actually delivered. But how was he able to build up knowledge so fast? He had spoken to a handful of people with profound insights and realized: if you talk to the right people, you learn an awful lot, blazingly fast. 🤔
Matthias, Valerius and Matu in Zurich. Probably discussing where to take Angle next 😱 or how to make a proper Kamehameha ✋💥
Later on, back in Zurich, we talked about Matu's experience in Bangkok. We realized that conversations can be remarkably valuable if you’re able to bring together the right people around the right topics:
· When you are passionate about something and want to exchange with likeminded people
· When you are curious and can talk to people in the know
· When you want to learn from people who have been there, done something before
Yet, such conversations hardly ever take place. They are hard to organize, rely on your network, or can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Smartphones, the internet, and AI make it possible. They allow us to gain higher quality knowledge in a more human way. 🤩
Early version of Angle - matching people around relevant topics
The idea for Angle was born - an app for audio conversations where AI matches topics and participants. We’ve been working hard to bring this vision to life this summer. We're still testing with a closed group of early users* and hope to be ready soon to release to everyone.
Matu, Matthias and Valerius
*For early access
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Angle brings you high-value voice conversations with relevant people. Grow your network, gain insights and expand your knowledge✌️